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Hello there! Somehow you’ve stumbled upon my blog and for some reason haven’t clicked off straight away, so thank you for that! My name is Georgie, or G. I am a primary school teacher and a new mummy! In my blogs I write about everything from facing my trauma, addressing and coping with multiple mental health issues including Borderline Personality Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and depression disorder and past epilepsy which now lies dormant. I also talking about what it’s like to be a teacher and becoming a new mum. My aim for this blog is to reach as many lives as possible, by opening up about my life and experiences I hope to normalise and validate others thoughts, feelings and issues. I hope to show that you’re not the only one, and that things can get better. By focusing on coping mechanisms, support structures, analysing and understanding your disorder you can grow and become someone your proud of. When you hit a brick wall, remember, “sometimes walls are there for us to lean on and take a breath”. It’s not the end, just a break. So read my blogs, relate, communicate with your support network and above all, grow with me ❤️

I’d like to add a little disclaimer. All words are my own unless stated other wise in citations. I do have the right to my own work so please do not plagiarise my words and pass them off as your own. Thank you 🙃🙂

If you need to reach out to someone who doesn’t know you or your past. Someone you can open up to without fear of judgement or berating; you can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Please feel free to get in touch. We are not alone❤️

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